B i o g r a p h y


- 1986 to 1992 he attended trumpet lessons with M° Sergio Gelmetti 

- 1994 to 1998 drums studies by himself /on his own

- 1998 to 2005 drums studies with M° Matteo Maffessanti (pop-blues) and M°Valerio Abeni (jazz master)

- 2005 he entered Accademia Musica Moderna and one year later he graduated.

- 2006 he was certified as 1st level teacher

- 2007 he was certified as 2nd level teacher Author of the new AMM’s advanced Rock & Metal course for advanced drummers

- 2008 head of QUINTOGRADO MUSIC SCHOOL, head of Drums Dept.

- 2009-current: Head of QUINTO GRADO music school. 

- 2009-current: columnist for Drum Club magazine and Drumset Mag.

- 2009-current: several articles about him appeared on magazines such as DRUMSET MAG and DRUMCLUB

2011 Quintogrado Music School obtains exclusive rights for assessment in the name and on behalf of Tech Music School (then named BIMM London)

- 2016-current: Quintogrado Music School obtains exclusive rights for pre-academic courses for Conservatorio L.Marenzio in Brescia and Liceo Musicale Gambara in Brescia


Main Events:

From 1997 to 2006 he performed in Italy with local bands (about 70 gigs/year) In 2003 he gave drums lessons in private schools In 2005/6 he taught in Accademia Musica Moderna in Brescia and Milan

In October 2006 he joined VISION DIVINE and completed the scheduled tour “the perfect machine” (italy/europe)

In November 2006 he opened a new AMM drum-school in Brescia In March 2007 he was hired as drummer by the Italian heavy metal “all star band” called METAL GANG.

In April / May 2007 the new Vision Divine’s cd “the 25th hour” (recorded in january 2007) for Scarlet Records label was worldwide distributed. Promotional tour in ITALY, CHINA+TAIWAN (first European metal band touring in China), BRAZIL, PARAGUAY, ARGENTINA, PERU’, CHILE. In August 2007 he recorded the whole new cd of the band “ATHLANTIS” as special guest. Worldwide distributed for Underground Symphony In May 2008 he recorded 1 song in the new LONGOBARDETH cd (Sweet Poison Records) as special guest.

In Aug-Sep 2008 he recorded Vision Divine’s CD “9° West of the moon” (Frontiers Record), worldwide distributed. Italian tour, European Tour and Festivals (Rockin’field with AVANTASIA, HELLOWEEN, EPICA and more…)

In Oct. 2008 he graduated as Amm’s National coordinator for the new rock/metal section. In the same month he recorded the first album of the band MASTERCASTLE “the Phoenix” (Lion Music worldwide distributed) as special guest in all songs. 2 songs of the record were used as play along music of the new Franco Rossi’s drums-method “L’EVOLUZIONE DELLA SPECIE” (edizioni Carisch).

In Dec.2008 he recorded the second cd of the band ANGELIZE as special guest in all songs (Self produced)

In Dec. 2009 he recorded the second cd of the band MASTERCASTLE called “last desire” (Lion Music, worldwide distributed) as special guest in all songs.

In Gen. 2010 he recorded the new LABYRINTH’s album “return to heaven denied pt.2” (Scarlet Records, Live management, worldwide distributed). Spring-summer gigs scheduled as opening act for MEGADETH (Milan-it, Bologna-it, Rome-it), OZZY OSBOURNE (Padova-it), IRON MAIDEN (Udine-it).

FESTIVALS 2010: GODS OF METAL (with Motorhead), PISTOIA BLUES FESTIVAL (with Queensryche, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall).

2011: European tour with Labyrinth as official support(er?) of SONATA ARCTICA (29 shows in 12 countries from 29 february to 31 march).

Sep. 2011 ProgPower XII festival in Atlanta with the band LABYRINTH (with Therion, Vanden Plus and Forbidden)

late 2011 he trained and was certified as Tech Music School's assessor (London - UK)

dec 2011: third MASTERCASTLE CD “diamonds” (Lion Music, worldwide distributed) as special guest in all songs

may 2012: new VISION DIVINE cd (out for EDEL) named "destination set to nowhere"

November 2012 he recorded A Perfect Day's debut album which has been released worldwide by Frontiers Records

2013 takes part to Universal Mind Project with well-known international artists

2014 He joined SoundStorm from Turin.

2015 recording session for A Perfect Day, Sound Storm, Universal Mind Project (all stars) and Tommy Vitaly

2016 A PERFECT DAY "the defeaning silence" out for Scarlet Records

2016 after 10 years he left Vision Divine.

2016 A perfect Day confirmed at Sonisphere festival in Rome with IRON MAIDEN



Amedia Cymbals,

Attack drum-heads

Vibe Drum

Lantec Drumsticks

TuneBot (drum tuner)



1997: - Silent Victory “and be no more” (promo tape) autoprodotto

1999: - Ferula “ciò che ho da dire” (mini cd) autoprodotto

2000: - Silent Victory “silent victory” (mini cd) autoprodotto

2001: - Ferula “ferula” (mini cd) autoprodotto

2004: - Scream “closed eyes” (mini cd) autoprodotto

2007: - VISION DIVINE “the 25th hour” (scarlet record) 

2007: - ATHLANTIS “metalmorphosis” (underground symphony) 

2008: - ANGELIZE “omonimo” (autoprodotto) special guest 

2008: - LONGOBARDEATH “bonarda B.” (Anger Music) guest  in “barba pedana” song

2009: - VISION DIVINE “9°W of the moon” (frontiers)

2009: - MASTERCASTLE “the phoenix” (Lion Music Finland)

2010: - LABYRINTH “Return to heaven denied pt.2” (Scarlet records)

2010: - MASTERCASTLE “Last Desire” (Lion Music Finland) 

2011: - MASTERCASTLE “dangerous diamonds” (Lion Music Finland)

2012: - GIOVANNI NAVA “outono” (selfproduced) -

2012: - VISION DIVINE: “destination set to nowhere” (earmusic)


2012: - A Perfect Day: “APD” (frontiers)



2016: UMP (universal Mind Project) "the jaguar priest"

2016: A Perfect Day:  "the defeaning silence"

2016: Sound Storm: title to be announced

2016: Tommy Vitaly: title to announced

© 2014  Alessandro Bissa